Current status: Archie arrived on 25.12.13. The countdown now refers to how many days old he is.


DAY 279

39/40 week midwife appointment

So, it's the day before my due date and my last midwife appointment went well! Bubs is now fully engaged, still hasn't given me many signs of him making an appearance soon so I've been booked in for a membrane sweep on Christmas Eve at 1:30pm! If successful, I could have a Christmas Day baby on my hands. Most importantly, baby is happy and well and I very much want him to come before the 24th!

DAY 284

5 days late, argh!

I headed to the doctors to see the midwife for my stretch & sweep (on Christmas Eve, we must be crazy!) but my blood pressure was elevated so we were sent to the hospital to be monitored. Baby is fine and dandy, and I've now had my sweep and have been experiencing contractions since 9pm! Looks like I'm having a Christmas Day baby!

DAY 285

Archie is here!

I went into the hospital at 6:30am (Christms Day!) and had Archie Connor Johnson at 2.44pm weighing in at 6Ib 8oz. To find out more about what happens next, visit my baby blog below:


DAY 207

Baby Shower!

I had such an amazing time at my baby shower. Everyone turned up and little boy was spoilt beyond belief, I can't wait to sort through everything he got and take a better look. Catered by Down From Town, we had vintage tea, scones and an amazing polkadot cake with lots of mini cakes around the outside. There was also the cutest little pick'n'mix cart for everyone to dig into! We played games and I caught up with so many people I haven't seen in so long. Super emotional now that next month (hopefully!) I'll be having my little man.

DAY 218

34 week growth scan

All went well, baby boy is measuring on track (though took them a little while to get all the measurements as he just didn't want to budge again). No pics as he's too big to really be able to see anything now other than the top of his head and his teeny spine.

DAY 225

35 week midwife appointment

Everything perfect except I've had sugar in my urine for the past 2 appointments. She said this could be as I've done the samples straight after breakfast both times but is referring me for a glucose test just to make sure! I've now had the test which was negative and they tested my iron levels at the same time which are also great, so all is well!

DAY 225

Last day of work!

Today was my last day at Planet for 10 months, I ended up having to finish a week early than planned due mainly to the horrible stress of the commute and the midwife thinking I haven't had a chance to mentally prepare myself for baby (still haven't finished my hospital bag!). Going to miss everyone so much.


DAY 181

29 week midwife appointment

Lovely normal appointment; bubs measuring 29cm at 29 weeks (perfect!), heard his gorgeous little heartbeat again & we discovered he's head down with his back/bum to my front so in the perfect position for exit (but not yet please, little man!), fingers crossed he doesn't decide to flip at the last minute! The midwife says we have a very happy little baby in there.

DAY 204

32 week midwife appointment

Another uneventful (which is good!) appointment with the midwife. My measurements are still spot on and his heartbeat is good! Lots to look forward to now though, baby shower this Sunday, growth scan in 2 weeks and another midwife appointment a week later. Can't believe that in 4 weeks I will be full-term. Need to get my head around the fact that I'll be having this little baby sometime in the next 7-9 weeks, ahh!


DAY 172

24 week midwife appointment

My uterus measurement (not the technical name but that's what I'm going to call it) was spot on (24cm at 24 weeks!) and she listened to bub's heartbeat which was great although he hated it as he kept kicking the doppler head to get her off! She's happy with baby boy's growth and I'll see her again in 3 weeks and I have to book in for my whooping cough/flu jabs, argh.

DAY 181

99 days to go!

I'll be 26 weeks (6 months) as of tomorrow and the countdown is now into double figures, only 99 days until we meet our little man! I now feel him twisting & turning more regularly as opposed to full-on kicks and punches, guessing he's beginning to run out of room as I seem to be getting bigger by the day, and my belly button has now popped out over half-way (and looks so gross!).

DAY 195

Third Trimester!

Can't believe I've made it to my third trimester, time is going way too fast! Bub's kicks are starting to get very strong now and I'm hoping I'll soon be able to define exactly which body parts I'm seeing him push out of my stomach. On the downside, my nausea has begun to kick in again and I'm getting lots of strange pains.


DAY 143

It's a boy! (Anatomy scan)

Well, the good news is we found out we're having a bouncing baby boy! So excited and in love with my little man but he would not play ball. They managed to get all the measurements (heart, spine etc.) besides the head as he was just too comfortable and refused to budge! Everything they did check looked great so we just have to return in 2 weeks when he's a little bit bigger for the rest of the measurements. On the plus side, we'll get to see him again soon!

DAY 160

Repeat anatomy scan

A much quicker appointment this time round! Although baby boy was hiding his face with his hands at first, he wiggled quite a bit so the tech was able to get the measurements she needed and everything looked great. He looked much clearer this time round and we got to see his face and brain!


DAY 108

Recorded heartbeat on doppler

I've been using my Hi-Bebe fetal doppler 2 or 3 times a week since week 12 and it's been getting easier for me to find the heartbeat as the weeks go on. Tonight I was able to find it so loud & clear that I managed to record it! Bub's heartbeat has gone down from 165-170 (at week 7) to 140-150 (week 15).

DAY 116

Consultant appointment

Lovely & uneventful, as my BMI is borderline low/normal and all my other tests are fine, I'll continue to be low-risk and maybe just have an extra growth scan at 34 weeks. Mr. Consultant listened to bubs and said he/she is moving alot and I should start to feel it within the next couple of weeks! I also have a teeny tiny bump to speak of now I've hit 4 months!

DAY 119

First few kicks

Only a few days since my appointment with the consultant and I've started to feel tiny little (the occasional huge, makes me jump) kicks! They're tiny little thumps and swooshes, and they're low down to the right, in fact baby kicked the doppler last night & just decided to kick me a few seconds ago!

A shock at only 16+6!

DAY 137

Seeing movement!

Bub's movements have been getting stronger every day for the past 3/4 weeks (I have a very active little baby!) and tonight I managed to video a big kick. Watch carefully, it happens at 0:01.


DAY 82

Found the heartbeat on doppler

My cousin very kindly lent me her 'Hi-Bebe' fetal doppler (what the midwife's use to find your baby's heartbeat). I was 9 weeks at the time and from 9 - 11 weeks I couldn't find bubs anywhere. Last night, on a full stomach, I located him/her about 2 inches beneath my belly button with a BPM of 165/170!

DAY 90

12 week ultrasound

I was so nervous for this scan but as soon as we got in there and saw bubs on the screen, it was overwhelming! He/she was bouncing & wiggling around most of the time and waved at us, but eventually settled for laying down sucking his/her tiny little thumb.

All the measurements were normal and the tech was wonderful! Just waiting on the blood test results, but if I don't hear back in a week then I'm low-risk.

DAY 101

Second midwife appointment

I had a home-visit today from my midwife which went well. All my bloods came back negative and they called to get my Down-Syndrome results which were great, bubs is low-risk at 1:46,000. They also tried to find the heartbeat but could only get it for a few seconds. I don't mind as I'm getting pretty good at finding it on my home doppler and I know it's always clearest in the evening once I've eaten!


DAY 61

Private ultrasound

My crazy hormones have been causing some problems and I've been suffering from minor depression since week 7, so I booked myself a private ultrasound to try and ease my nerves. I thought I was 8 weeks but bubs measure 5 days behind. I saw my beautiful little blob with a strong heartbeat of 153bpm.

My depression only lasted a couple of weeks until my hormones settled down & from week 9 onwards, I've felt much better and able to be excited & happy about baby. Hooray!

DAY 62

First midwife appointment

I had my first midwife (booking-in) appointment today, it was fairly straight-forward, just a lot of paperwork to go through and I received my information pack. I've decided to have all the testing done and hoping & praying that bubs is perfectly healthy. I also had blood taken & was told I'd receive a call within a week otherwise everything's fine.

I haven't heard anything from the doctors and it's been over 3 weeks, so I'm hoping my blood tests were all fine & dandy!


DAY 30

I'm pregnant!

Today I got my positive pregnancy test! It's April 14, 2013 and I'm very excited and a tad overwhelmed. I told my parents immediately but otherwise we're going to keep quiet until after the 12 week scan.

DAY 38

First doctors appointment

Today, I went to the doctor to confirm my pregnancy. Honestly, she didn't really do anything! No confirmation test, just set me up with the midwife and sent me on my way. Snuck in a 'Congratulations' right at the end, thanks!

DAY 50

Told the girls!

I told my best friends, Lily & Vicky, that I'm pregnant. I think they were more shocked than I was, but they're very happy to be Auntie's to bubs.